Thursday, 7 June 2012

Well, what are the chances?

7th June 2012

Awesome, eerie, and inspiring.

In the middle of nowhere…..we found this:

What a place to record a track!

The old well had just enough room for us to get out of the rain.
What a find!

As the afternoon rain hammered down, the wind whistled through the power lines, I knocked on the door of the church…..
No response, so I squeezed my shoulders and walked around the side to see if there was anywhere we could get out of the weather. 
A red door in the corner of the graveyard blew open…….”ere Nailz” come and have a look at this….
Sounds just like a film when I read this back…….

A barn/shed, out of the wind and rain, a good place to charge and eat, and work on some tracks.

20 miles later we are at Okehampton klondyke road yha. A warm reception and everything we could want for. Great place, great people.

North Devon tomorrow.........
Wind behind us, mainly because we are probably going the wrong way down a big hill. Ah ha ha

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