Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sound waves

6th June 2012

Nailz laughs….. “ that’s the best crash I’ve seen all year!”

My front pannier bag caught a wall spun the bike around and threw me over the handle bars and into the middle of the road. …… 2…..ha ha.. luckily laughed and walked (cycled) away.

High tide in Polperro for the set today…the weight of the sea smashes against the granite, so loud! love it! Everyone should go and shout at the sea once in a while!

When you are surrounded by rocks, your voice bounces back and amplifies…still no match for the sea….. its brewing and holding back a storm :) :(

As I’m writing this, the wind is picking up and throwing rain at the window.
Weather warnings and gale force winds forecast for tomorrow.

Heading for Dartmoor……..

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