Friday, 8 June 2012

On course and leaving in a roundabout way

8th June 2012

The rhythm running of footsteps around a kids playground roundabout is a great way to lift spirits! 
How funny to jam with that! Nice one Nailz.....Comedy!

We pushed on through north Devon collecting many hills along the way. (and dodging the occasional branch and stream in the road)

Found the hotel….checked in, then jumped on the bike again. I’ve got to go to the place I saw a sign for……..

An empty racecourse grandstand has a desolate feel, the wind blustered down the track like invisible horses.
On edge, and slightly nervous , I had found a side gate… (the front entrance to the racecourse was all chained up)
I cycled up and down the stalls to find somebody to ask….nobody there….

Go for it, I set up the equipment and played my set….
On the Grandstand and in the middle of the racetrack (I’m sure it will all look very odd on the cctv!) 
This one is for you dad!

1387 kilometres on the clock…..South Wales tomorrow……what will we find?.........

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