Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ruined abbey road studio

13th June 2012

Great yellow mechanical arms in the sky…..purely for the visual and a bit of fun….recorded video in the JCB yard in Shrewsbury.

10 miles down the road we stumbled on haughmond abbey….had to pop in a record in this location!

So we stuck to the cycle route and yet another quality place appeared. 

Moreton Corbet elizebethan house ruins…

The sound and view was inspiring in this dark moody ruin.

Standing in the middle of all the fractures of the huge building and clapping produced different echos and slap back delays….

Big days riding ahead…but we can't miss this! 
lets set up and put down the vocals for “tied down with broken string”

Many heavy showers, 2 punctures and a broken spoke later….we arrived in the hotel in Warrington at 12.10……we cycled 90 miles today.

The north is in our sights........

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