Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Straight to the point

6th June 2012

The weather is harsh……we have to dig deep….so still…we push on….to the lizard.

Well blow me off the road, we have only gone and made Lizard point! (the furthest point south) hurahh the 3rd check point!

1.Lowestoft (Furthest east)
2.Lands end
3.Lizard point (Furthest south)

We are wearing soaking wet clothes (still wet from last night) and the wind is chilling…..
lets head for the lighthouse heritage centre, looks like a great dry place to play….. 

Rock the lighthouse! rock the gift shop! ha ha

The only way to go is north (with a little bit of right) and maybe hang a left at Ben Nevis ( for the furthest west) 

The only way is up! woooo ha

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