Monday, 4 June 2012

Long live the cream, long may she rain (reign)

3rd June 2012

Middle of the Bodmin moor, 50 mile an hour headwinds, horizontal rain hitting your face like needles, heavy traffic and massive hills. 
Just as well Nailz had 4 punctures and a shredded tyre in 1 hour, otherwise we wouldn't of had to by the side of a really busy road repeatedly in torrential rain......hardcore.
81 miles total! Legs like concrete :((

Dumped the bikes, put on a suit and then head down towards Truro catherdral.

Played outside the main entrance ( in the rain ) great acoustics in the court yard though and singing through the railings created a warm reflection of sound.

Big day

Cruising down to the next achievement point tomorrow.....hmmmm
which one first? Lands end or Lizard point (furthest south) wooooo ha!

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