Monday, 25 June 2012

Going up in the world

24th June 2012

I always get an overwhelming sense of euphoria when going up on a chair lift…..but when I have converted one into a vocal booth the grin can open the door.. a haha.

Set up the mics, laptop, stands and went up and down in the gondola on the side of Ben Nevis, what a a place to start todays “free tracking” (recording in an inspirational location)

Lets have a looky look at lochy loch. 
The mountains fall into the water all around us, the water fades quickly from clear to black, deep and full of imagination.

The well of seven heads…..

A small set of steps leads down to the loch and then to the entrance to the well. A great acoustic chamber, enhances the low mid of the sound. A superb location for a rehearsal.

Back on the bikes, time is getting on and the legs are feeling it today. 
Because of the amount of rain over the last few days, the mountains around us have been streaked with white line waterfalls high above us.

We fly past a huge sound of running water and decide to go back and have a look.
The best water fall I have ever seen! 
Yes it was risky, but I didn’t think of that as we scrambled over the fast flowing water and climbed up the slippery loose rocks…worth it. But how do I get down….he he

Full of adrenalin we cruise along loch ness to the home for tonight.

Bonar Bridge tomorrow…4 days to go

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