Tuesday 18 June 2013




This is the last blog entry at this address.....signed "Cycling Britain, Just For the Record 1" off now
New blog address for the next mission/album is here:

Here we go!

This year I am taking it up a gear and my second solo album is going to be recorded on a 4000km cycling adventure around Europe capturing the sound of the places i visit.
After last years album mission to the furthest points of mainland Britain I am going to load up my bike and see what inspirational recording locations I can find in Europe.


Starting at Edam in Holland, my journey will take me to 
Gruy√©re (Switzerland), Gorgonzola (Italy) and finally, 
Camembert in France.

I leave on the 27th August 2013

I have set up a Pledge music page for those that would like to pre order a copy of the new album “…Just For The Record Too”

I have also put a few different options of ways to get involved on my Pledge page.

click pledge logo for the link


Some great British weather      


Training on cold rainy days, mud/dark and many 'didn't see that coming', broken bikes...


6PM          THE SUSSEX

Saturday 23 February 2013

Spinning Plates

23rd Feb 2013

Accidentally finding great places with great acoustics (free tracking locations) : 
Dover castle tunnels and inside a roman lighthouse
Battle abbey ruins, and a monks dormitory, great acoustic reflections

I have finished the edit of the 'snowboarding whilst playing guitar video' ( it was last year whilst setting up at the top of the mountain that the idea of recording the album whilst doing the bike ride occurred) uploaded video comedy, 'the best place to work on a song is whilst flying down the side of a mountain.'

“no friends on a powder day” how true, they found my video and gave a great shout out…Cheers!

Multitasking on the bike trainer…singing and playing whilst cycling, editing, whilst cycling, working, whilst cycling…..

Plans are on for this years mission /album are starting to take shape, 2 possibilities, as soon as they are on the table I will post here first!

One of the great things about cycle training in Kent/Sussex is there are great buildings to lean ya bike on! ha ha

Really enjoyed playing up in North London On Sunday 17th Feb, Cheers Steve, Matt, Pete and Hannah

“Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy” Lao Tzu (600 BC)

Thursday 7 February 2013

And we are off!

So it's been a big build up to the album launch.....I am so chuffed with the reviews and comments that have been coming in!

The album "...Just for the Record" is officially out there its time to finish off the documentary!

Check it out on iTunes

BBC introducing south have talked about the trip and played the track "Wonder Why" Thanks Melita!

Album Launch party was a success! Thank you so much to everybody that came down and a big cheers to Miles Hunt, Erica Nockalls and Twunt for a top evening! and so chuffed to play at the Forum Tunbridge Wells 20th birthday celebrations. Cheers to Mark Roe @ LDNRS for the photos

1st Breakfast at Trinitys of the year, cheers to Kay and all at Trinity, great to meet you Elainor Vox:

Mention on BBC radio 2 Jeremy Vine show....of all things, my recording in Bodiam castle:

Training has started! and so has the planning for the next trip....has some great ideas of where to cycle. BUT, any thoughts? where do you reckon i can adventure/cycle/record in some amazing places?

Exciting times ahead! here we go....

Monday 14 January 2013

Album release today! Jan 14th 2013

From the beginning of the training 1 year ago, to the adventure, recording, mixing and meeting some fantastic people.....The album "Just for the Record"  is out now out there:


The documentary is well on its way too.

So chuffed and proud of the audio photograph of the country that is the album.

A BIG thank you to all that came down to the album launch night, really great to share the stage with Miles Hunt+Erica Nockalls and Tunbridge Wells Ukulele Night! A great evening!

Over the next month i am going to be releasing parts of video from the trip ( so many quality moments of comedy, music and adventure)

Thursday 10 January 2013

2013... Here we go!

The time for the digital release is almost on! 14th January here we go!
I've got a launch gig on Jan 12th at the Forum Tunbridge Wells, 
(Its the Forums 20th birthday) with Miles Hunt, Erica Nockalls (Wonderstuff) and TWUNTs

I'm so chuffed with the response and thank everybody for their help and support. It means so much!!

Thanks so much to Mary Harris and Caroline Reid @ the courier

January 14th 2013 is the official release date! and is now available on iTunes for preview/pre order.


If you want to hear me you can preview tracks on iTunes

Monday 12 November 2012

The whole story, Paul Cheese ...Just for the Record

Here is a rough edit of some of the video from the trip                                                      

Wednesday 26 September 2012

All part of the adventure! week beginning 28/09/12

Week beginning 28th September 2012

These last few weeks i’ve been out free tracking the last of the overdubs for the album. woo ha!

A disused 300 metre hop railway tunnel, such an immense sound with a long decay, recorded drum parts and backing vocals here. 

Great example of free tracking ( recording in an inspirational location) 
Singing in the dark with the imagination of what is in this tunnel? Scary…walked a little faster to get out of there!

About a mile hike along the old railway embankment as the autumn sun was setting.....

Lamberhurst church, such history and an amazing thought provoking old building. 

Standing in the middle of the nave, on my own with the sound of the wind and the rain on the stain glass windows. Then a moment of sunshine lit up the church.

The 2nd world war pillbox out side Bodium castle, recorded some guitar and backing vocals here ( with the occasional child running in making machine gun noises) 

Great reflecting the sound of your voice off of the top of the ceiling. I bet when they built the pillbox they were not thinking about recording vocals…especially with a laptop?

So, the last of the tracks are with the producer Clive Martin now……just the last mix tweaks to go!.....getting closer now

Press is starting to roll, momentum is great!

Shameless plug for my links my links:

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