Thursday, 21 June 2012

Phone box and long lochs

20th June 2012

Cruising along the harbour wall, the smell of the fresh sea breeze.
A great way to start a hill climbing day!

From the ruins of Dunoon castle you can see for miles down the firth of Clyde.

Massive hills and lochs disappear off into the distance….around every corner is a new breath taking sight.

Dam, with huge concrete alcoves, ideal for recording….a fantastic echo of about one second too! Sound bouncing off the surrounding hills.


A short cycle up what feels like a mountain, we fly down the other side ( max speed 70.4kph) we find another quality recording situation.

A red phone box in the middle of nowhere, next to a loch.

What a great vocal booth…ha ha
We get to tonights destination and I head down to the headland.

The air is still, the sun is setting and I’ve got all my recording gear (and bike) set up on the rocks just above the high tide line.

Great way to end a great day!

Did anyone say Oban?.....Whisky?.....tomorrow……

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