Saturday, 23 June 2012

The furthest west!

22nd June 2012

Islands disappear off into the distance and we can almost touch the clouds.

We are so lucky to be here and to be able to cycle through this area. 
The sky may be dark, but it just adds to the drama of it all.

A pile of old boats make a good stage, ghosts in the hull?

We push on and the clouds seem to part and let us through to Ardnamuchan point.
Wow! we are here, the furthest west point of mainland Britain......


So far, so far, 2535 kilometres.

Thanks to Kayleigh for letting me play in the light at the top of the lighthouse. ha ha
Amazing views of the surrounding islands.

We have made it this far.blimey

The clouds regrouped and the sky fell down.As it did, a tear in the clouds appeared and the sunlight beamed through creating the biggest rainbow I've ever seen.

Heading up for the furthest north and John o groats...but for now, Fort William maybe a little rain...ha ha

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