Monday, 11 June 2012

Recording in a cave, 100 feet underground

10th June 2012

Recording 100 feet underground in the biggest cavern at Clearwell caves……

The air, so still, absolutely no movement.

Amazing to think of 4500 years of history. Has anyone recorded a vocal here before?


Next to the Scowles ( a collapsed cave system, and roman open mine )
totally reclaimed by the trees….straight out of a fantasy book…..


I cant believe it, we have found another place! Some reconstructed iron age roundhouses……did a little filming and then set one up as a vocal booth….

And finally, great to have a day not pedalling.......17 days in, and a welcome leg break ( so to speak )
Staying an extra night with some great friends, enabled us to revisit some of the quality sound spaces we had cycled through…..

The tunnel…200 metres long under the motorway 48.

A massive sound, with sounds that ring on, long after you have stopped…
industrial, urban, earthy….

Another big day of variety! Brilliant.

 Early start tomorrow……heading north to Leominster. Bring it on!

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