Tuesday, 5 June 2012

double risky on the rocks

4th June 2012

So, i didn’t actually expect to be able to get into the ruined tin mine!

This place was immense. It was like being on a film set.
Nailz and I climbed up into the second level and had a rehearsal  and worked on the song “I wonder why?”

Indeed. Just as well the whole thing didn’t collapse!

DANGEROUS CLIFFS……with a view out to the longships lighthouse (Lands end)…..looks like great place to set up to me!

I put a poster up on the path to explain what we are doing. Nailz and i played out to sea, singing into the wind, across the Atlantic. Did you hear me Pete?

As the bus loads of tourists poured into the end, many people came down and were interested in what we were doing, the challenge and the album.

Little did we know that it was about to pour with rain…ha ha….15mile cycle ride in the dark, back to the hotel…….makes it 68 miles on the clock today.

1074 kilometres total…….lands end in the bag…..signed the end to enders book and everything…….

Lizard point here we come…..to check point 3.

The weather…..is looking….. sad :((( 

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