Sunday, 10 June 2012

Another reason Wye

9th June 2012

Looking over the rolling hills from the canal bridge was an excellent place for a breakfast rehearsal.

Tranquil, especially after the last couple of gusty days.

Cruising along the tow path we head for the hills surrounding Cheddar and surprisingly, stumble upon the “strawberry train line” flat, sunny and awesome… lucky to be here right now!

After another 4 hours we found ourselves crossing the river severn and into Wales……”lets set up here” (in the middle of the severn bridge) ha ha

Great day but tiring…..the last few miles looked tough…..
I’m glad that my friend Kim didn’t tell me that his house was at the bottom of a hill….cruised down into the Wye valley and to a totally unexpectedly amazing place. 
A wonderful warm welcome and everything we could wish for…..

What will tomorrow bring?

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