Monday, 28 May 2012

Like a Bicester in the sun

Monday 28th May…..

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I should have looked in my mirror”

A lady in Steeple Claydon said in a petrified voice!...the rest of the album nearly needed to be recorded in intensive care!…..
1 life down…..Please check your mirrors when opening car doors…I nearly wore one!


“Morning” “Morning” “Hi” as we cycled through the park in the center of Bedford about 9am….
Found a great bandstand, set up and ran a couple of tracks….

Just happened to be a guy taking photos in the park at that time….Cheers Tony! 

Next! The Marshall centre in Bletchley, Thanks so much to Neil Smith for sorting it! 
.......Stood on the steps in the Marshall head office and gave it some! 

Todays stats: 412 kilometres and we are now about half way across the width of Britain! luckily we have finally found some hills! 

Off to Cirencester tomorrow…..i wonder what it will bring!

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