Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hangar left at the next junction

26th May 2012

As the hangar doors opened the Cambridgeshire sun illuminated the planes.
Wow! The sound bounced around the hangar with a massive decay…
Set up the recording rig on some old aeroplane wheels and place the bikrophone stand suitably spread to capture it. Played the tracks “Evaporated” and “Black and blue” standing in between 2 planes as the sun went down.
In the middle of a river yesterday……aeroplanes today….the plan is coming together!
So good.So so good

Todays Stats: 123 kilometres, 1 broken spoke, 1 cream tea, High point= recording in the aircraft hangar, low point=lack of food=:((
On to Wyboston tomorrow….just got to jump out of a plane at 10000 feet first!

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