Saturday, 26 May 2012

Go West!

Friday 25th May 2012

Ridiculous!…the guitar hangs off the back like a spoiler…..hmmm, as Nailz disappears off into the distance I realise that my acceleration is 0-60 in never…and that is down hill with the wind behind me.
Turn left at the wind turbine, just behind the gas works…so idyllic! The furthest easterly point set up a ran a couple of tracks……am I going to get washed away? long can I stand here with my back to the waves on a platform of seaweed…..
So here we are at the start point…..SMASH…my guitar strap came undone and guitar hits the concrete….lucky that it is me proof…only fractured front…battle scars! Now… Watton.
Hello, good morning, hi.

The first big row of the trip!

Heading roughly in the right direction we found cycle route 1.
Found a fantastic place by an old ruined bridge…climbed across the old stones in the river and worked on the track “Take”
Standing in the middle of the river rehearsal, what a place to eat and work on tracks! The sound of the river over the old creases makes you play louder. 

…..”Push on, dig deep”…but this is only day one right? And the terrain is so flat in Norfolk…..
If you need something worked out….tell me…..i’ve got plenty of ponder time bruv!
So lucky to be cruising in the sun.....with the fields of green corn like inland seas tides in the wind.
Still 20 miles to go.

In Watton tonight…..nowhere booked to stay tomorrow yet…’ll be fine!

On to the Wimblington airfield in the morning……where I’m jumping from 10000 feet to my bike at 9am……..

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