Sunday, 22 July 2012

“Breakfast at Trinity’s” Week beginning 170712

Week beginning 170712

“Breakfast at Trinity’s”

Playing a gig in the morning is a great way to start the day! Thanks to Kay/Hero blues and all that came along to Trinity arts centre in Tunbridge Wells.

Guitar cam!

Energized after a great studio session on Monday.
With so much audio, video and ideas it’s always good to get fresh outside thoughts on the project!

Got out into the countryside in between rain “free tracking’ this week capturing extra bits for the album under and old hop railway line
bridge. Great to see Nailz and run some tracks on the tracks... (audio and railway ) haha

Its all coming together! Another full week of rediscovering moments from the trip and edging each track closer to mix point. (studio late nights and early starts, so exciting!)

Here is a moment whilst cycling in Scotland.
A delay/echo bounced off a mountain into a forest……..

….Just for the record

Up to 49% of my pledge amount now, thank you so much! 
And £637 on Just giving!

For anyone that would like to donate, I have set up a pledge page for a little help with the final production costs of the album (a percentage goes to Great Ormond Street), here is the link:

I also have a Just giving page for donations direct to Great Ormond Street:

The whole trip has been self funded (so it should be ) but any help with the final production costs would be much appreciated!

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