Wednesday, 26 September 2012

All part of the adventure! week beginning 28/09/12

Week beginning 28th September 2012

These last few weeks i’ve been out free tracking the last of the overdubs for the album. woo ha!

A disused 300 metre hop railway tunnel, such an immense sound with a long decay, recorded drum parts and backing vocals here. 

Great example of free tracking ( recording in an inspirational location) 
Singing in the dark with the imagination of what is in this tunnel? Scary…walked a little faster to get out of there!

About a mile hike along the old railway embankment as the autumn sun was setting.....

Lamberhurst church, such history and an amazing thought provoking old building. 

Standing in the middle of the nave, on my own with the sound of the wind and the rain on the stain glass windows. Then a moment of sunshine lit up the church.

The 2nd world war pillbox out side Bodium castle, recorded some guitar and backing vocals here ( with the occasional child running in making machine gun noises) 

Great reflecting the sound of your voice off of the top of the ceiling. I bet when they built the pillbox they were not thinking about recording vocals…especially with a laptop?

So, the last of the tracks are with the producer Clive Martin now……just the last mix tweaks to go!.....getting closer now

Press is starting to roll, momentum is great!

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