Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Microphone-box, Week beginning 16/08/12

How to get the sound of guitar in a phone box?

How can you make a kick drum sound massive ( go into the woods and KICK it) a haha

Or whack it with a big bit of wood!

These last weeks have been filled with video edits, story boards, photos, backing vocals, percussion and many many other moments that are going into the album.

Been seeing a lot of this: (hours and hours of video editing)

So it is really good to break up some of the days with "Free tracking" extra parts for the songs..

....And to get a bit creative with the camera whilst recording ( video camera inside the kick drum, inside a telephone box )

And how about some major 80's style water on the drum....(blimey it was hot in that phone box!)

I have been entering some of the photos to obscure photo competitions:

Amongst lots of other promo stuff.

Things are all motoring along and i'm working with some really good people that are investing their time to make this album special!

Shameless plug for my Pledge music page:

From this page you can pre order your copy of the album “….just for the record” 

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